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Hello and welcome! 

Plaid Alchemy is a new adventure that comes from the heart.  I grew up studying science & worked in environmental toxicology from early days as a lab tech to owning my own feisty little company, Nautilus.  A few years ago as my Mom’s alzheimers got worse & my time and attention to her/home/work stretched to transparency, I chose sanity & sold my company.  During both the good & tough bits of those last years with her, the time in the kitchen I’d always enjoyed became my full-blown sanctuary & I better learned to value limited time on the planet.  So I've decided to move my experimental methods from a biology lab to a kitchen lab.

Like chocolate in perfect temper, this journey has crystallized into Plaid Alchemy.  The plaid from my Glaswegian Mom’s Gibson Clan Tartan; the Alchemy from my love of the science and magic of synthesis.  Plus a heavy-handed dash of whimsy.  And much gratitude for a lucky path that brings it all together.

Each project is a personal collaboration, finding just the right flavor, texture, look, presentation, and packaging for the event, the moment, the person, the gift.  Creating that alchemy, if you will, is why I’m here.  I work with a lot of herbs, spices, and flavor combinations on the line between savory and not too sweet.     It’s the punctuation to your words!  A small memorable detail & unexpected taste that shows thought & care.  

And the best doggo Maggie here has been there through nearly the whole journey.  Joy and comfort canine-ified!

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